dash Expertise


We are a firm that identifies with a way of designing, planning, modeling, projecting and building in which nature and its preservation are a priority. As a creative team, we aim to find original and eco-centric solutions to the needs of everyday life; we reflect on architecture and its functionality to offer possibilities that incorporate the coexistence of the natural and the architectural.



Our studio has expanded with a specialized interior design team. The team works with an original use of materials, colors, and textures, taking in the local culture to develop unique experiences. In UhMay, the team works hand by hand with the Azulik arts and crafts workshops of ceramic, glass and furniture to create unique pieces that furnish bespoke interiors. We believe that all shapes can become an object, all objects can have infinite shapes. With that in mind we create authentic and challenging objects of everyday space. Incorporating a premise of timelessness and unique pieces, we design thinking that a material presence can reinvent the dynamics of a hole space.



We follow our intuition and get involved in disruptive creative processes, where we collaborate as a community, integrating the ideas and voices of all our members. We trust in the interpretation of nature and a way of interpreting an ecocentric world, that is why we respect the relief of the ground, the presence of the beings that inhabit the environment, and reduce the environmental impact to its minimum possible. As a group of creative engineers and local workers, we learn from the site, to respect the existing natural elements, while developing the planned project.